For making the successful property transaction process it is very important to note that there is huge requirement of the conveyancer for making the interference in the whole conveyancing process. Inspectors are overstretched and under resourced and additional resources are needed to cope with demands. There is recruitment drive in place, hoping to attract people with construction industry experience. But it takes two years to train an inspector.

Then the whole process is handling in such a way that there will be only profit in the whole conveyancing process. And the process of doing the property transaction will be done in the easy ways with the most experienced conveyancers. Co-operation between management and workforce on health and safety issues in what is a substantially union business, working in partnership witah clients in delivering health and safety schemes and training in specific skills.

He said his organisation was keen to share knowledge with others and told the audience about the industry’s Safety Passport Scheme, for which clients and contractors are signing-up. This indicates a basic level of awareness. Without one, you won’t be allowed on site. It was acknowledged that there was a problem with the ‘black economy’ with too many unregulated building firms where many of the accidents occurred. Much of this work was in the small domestic market where clients were pleased to pay cash, saving VAT.

The point was raised that it would help the industry for VAT ‘to be considered’ but none of the government members present were willing to be drawn into a discussion on this topic. Alan Crane from the Housing Forum said that health and safety came from having better integrated teams working together at every stage of design and construction – a continuous process which should not be broken down into stages, thereby losing continuity.